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1. What does modern cosmology tell us? --A discussion ofmodern cosmos myth and astrological myth, by Ingrid Zhang


We dare not to think science is also a myth. When we know alittle bitter of modern cosmology, we would find that moderncosmological models provide philosophical rationales for astrology.Modern cosmology does show that there are so many unsolvedmysteries to sciences. Infinite big (cosmology) and infinite small(Quantum physics) prove that science has no convincing answer andobserved data to support its guess or speculation. Scienceeventually has to work with philosophy to understand the world.


Modern cosmological models address, the universe was fromthe Big Bang. The universe evolves from hot and dense plasma to thecooled-off universe which we observe today. The universe isexpanding. What are components of the universe? Cosmological modelsturn out that only about 5% of the universe is "ordinary matter"which we know (the atoms of which stars, gas, dust, and planets aremade). About 25% of the universe is "dark matter," a new kind ofparticle never yet detected in any laboratory here on Earth. 70% ofthe universe is "dark energy," which remains a fundamental mysteryof science.


From this model it is not difficult to find that moderncosmology did provide a philosophical rationale for astrology:science does not explain the universe’s birth and its ending.There are so many unsolved mysteries. The Big Bang is a kind ofspeculation or guess rather than a proven fact. The model onlyproves an inexplicable universe. The model leads to recognize amulti-universe model. Multi-universe theory has caused more andmore attention recent years. Simply saying, that there are manythings beyond classical scientific law, it is dangerous to thinkthat science is the absolute truth and set science as normativestandards to explain no-science subject or existing. We have toadmit that science works in its boundary.


First, modern cosmological model gives a biggest assumption-- Big Bang, the universe was born of Big Bang. What was before theBig Bang? The modern cosmological model gives no answer. When ithas no rational answer, “god” appears. Big Bang becomes a newGod. Big Bang theory is less or more a scientific religion orfiction. The universe was not created by God in 7 days. In stead itwas born in Big Bang. Big Bang indirectly tells us that sciencedoes not provide a rationale for the ultimate question about theuniverse. We have to agree that there are so many things we do notknow.


Big bang needs an initial condition to be scientificallytrue, at early times an expanding universe with almost the samedensity at all points in space. But now it is found that theuniverse is not the same density in all direction. The problem thatthe Big bang faces is the same as astrology does. They both have nowell established observational data to check the theory.


Second, modern cosmology admits that we know little aboutthe component of the universe. The universe is dominated by darkmatter and dark energy. 70% of the universe is dark energy which ismystery to science. It leaves a speculation for astrology thatastrology is the same mystery to science. What science can notexplain or empirical studies can not proven does not mean that thesubject are false or no correlation between cosmos and human. Butit does exist.


The black hole theory also implies that Science has itslimit and boundary. Norton’s 3 laws are not valid near black hole.We live a material world (3 dimension plus time) that Norton’slaws apply. Black hole and worm hole are beyond Norton’s laws.Worm hole tells us that we can twist the space and change thetravelling time. That means that distance can be folded like paper,light years distance can be reached in second. We can travel at thespeed of our thought. This theory is as mystery as astrology. Whycan not astrology co-exist with the myth of science?


The modern cosmological models give a very dismay future ofthe universe. It is likely to continue expanding and becomingincreasingly cold and dark as time goes by. When it ends, it isdied. Unlike Plato and astrological cosmology, in the moderncosmological model, universe has no soul and spirit but the darkmatter and dark energy. While astrology likes a screen script of apersonal mythology, gods and goddess (planets) are in ourselves andthey play their roles in our life, which give us space forimagination. Eventually astrology leads us to transcend the realtyand search a meaningful life to fulfill self.


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