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Sally Wu
Deputy Head of Phoenix InfoNews Channel and Presenter


Ms. Sally Wu is one of the best known anchor women at Phoenix Satellite Television, making her name with the weekly current affairs program, ¡°Sally¡¯s Eye on the World¡±.  Drawing on her extensive experience in journalism and knowledge of current affairs, and her insights into the relations among China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, she has provided her audience with perspectives on contemporary issues that are both new and yet well-researched. 

She has also reported on major international developments.  Sally covered the APEC Conference in Malaysia, where she got China¡¯s President Jiang Zemin to focus on the possible RMB devaluation issue by the ingenious device of waving a 10-dollar RMB note at a press conference.  In the same year China¡¯s Premier Zhu Rongji expressed a keen interest in her programs during his first press conference with the international media.  She accompanied President Jiang Zemin¡¯s delegation to Vietnam in early 2002.  Before that she hosted major programs such as Phoenix¡¯s reporting of the Hong Kong handover ceremony in 1997 and the program Flying Over the Yellow River.

Sally Wu was born in Taiwan, where she attended Fu Jen Catholic University.  After completing a degree in mass communications she joined Taiwan¡¯s Chinese Television Station (CTS) as a news reporter, covering political, economic, social, transportation, communication, community, and municipal issues during the almost five years she spent there.  Besides working as a reporter covering daily news, she was also made one of the anchors broadcasting the evening news and participated in feature news programs.

In 1993 she moved to STAR TV in Hong Kong, where she was appointed a Presenter and Executive Producer covering Asia-Pacific issues.  She was promoted to a Business Program Manager responsible for all Chinese business news in 1995.  Later that year she was appointed a Production Manager to help start up STAR TV¡¯s Chinese Channel in Taiwan.

In 1996, however, she transferred to Phoenix TV, a joint venture with STAR TV/News Corp., where she helped coordinate programs as well as working as a presenter covering China issues.  Although she had begun to experience success at STAR TV in Taiwan, Sally realized that moving to Phoenix would give her a unique opportunity to reach the enormous television audience in China. 
Her work at Phoenix has been extremely well received.  Sally¡¯s accomplishments in the television industry have been recognized by an impressive collection of awards:  She was voted as one of Top-10 Vogue Personalities by China Youth Daily, a leading newspaper in China, in 1998.  She was also named one of the Top-10 News Figures by Huasheng Monthly, a Beijing-based magazine distributed worldwide in 120 countries.  The magazine recognized her for her unique position in the Chinese media in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Coinciding with the Media of the Year Award to Phoenix TV by New Weekly, she won Top-10 Favorite Award 1998.  She was voted Most Popular Anchor by the Beijing Youth Daily, another widely circulated newspaper.  In September 1999 Asiaweek identified her as one of the 50 Most Influential Figures in the Development of China in the New Millennium.

Besides deeply involved in her media profession, Sally also participates in the commonwealth and charity events as well as certain regional activities positively.  In September 1999, she is invited by the China Charity Federation to be the charity ambassador; April 2000, invited by the China EPA to be the one of environment ambassador of Hong Kong; May 2001, invited by the National Kidney Foundation of Singapore to be the charity show guest presenter again; June 2001, invited by World Vision, and joined the ¡°Famine 30 Malaysia¡± event.

In the New Millennium, Worldwide magazine (issued by Xinhua News Agency) February 2001 issue selected 20 persons as the most influential in the new millennium.  She was conferred the award of and also the only Asian Journalist who got into the election.

In September 2001, The 6th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention held in China Nanjing firstly, she was invited to be the image ambassador; China International Volunteer Society has entrusted her to the China International Volunteer Society image ambassador.

In 2002, elected by the U.S. consulate office in Hong Kong, she¡¯d been invited by the State Department to join the 2002¡¯s International Visitor Program to conduct a specially arranged field trip to the U.S. Mutual understandings and friendships are built up through these brief but impressive interactions with those U.S. institutions and counterparts. In the same year, she was voted by Hunan TV¡¯s Youth Program and Beijing Youth Daily as ¡°The Best Professionalism People¡±.

In July 2003, the 7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention was held in Malaysia Kular Lumpur, She was invited to be media ambassador for this global bi-annual event.  In the same year, she was invited by World Vision and Malaysia Sin Chew Jit Poh (major Chinese language newspapers) again to join the ¡°Famine 30 Malaysia¡± event. The World Chinese Women¡¯s Association (WCWA) has also invested Sally as one of the speakers in its 2nd International Symposium.

In 2004, Sally received the Thailand Elite Card from this country membership club as a friend of Thailand. She is also named one of the ¡°Ten Most Successful Women 2004¡± by the Hong Kong¡¯s Jessica magazine, together with famous personages such as the Hong Kong¡¯s Legislative Council President, Rita Fan; seasoned media guru, Nansun Shi, etc. Organized by CCP Youth League Central, Cultural Bureau, Guangdong provincial government, National Youth Federation and Shenzhen city government, the ¡°Top Chinese Teenage Idol¡± poll has voted and picked Sally from 100 candidates by 380,000 valid votes. She is in the top list just after China¡¯s first astronaut Yang Li Wei, Little Giant Yao Ming in NBA and the self-made millionaire Ding Lui of NetEase.